Whitcomb’s Blacksmith Shop

Levi Whitcomb bought the land just up the brook from the road in 1786 from Jonas Davis (D-4-4). He moved to Nelson following his marriage in Templeton, Massachusetts on the 4th of December 1786 to Hannah Baker and opened a smithy on the land.

Parke Struthers writes that Whitcomb succeeded Reuben Wellman on the site. However, there is no deed-based evidence for that. Levi Whitcomb expanded his holdings in the area substantially increasing his holdings to accommodate a substantial farming operation in addition to his smithy.

He sold his farm and shop to Jonathan Hunting and Phoebe Upton in 1800 and moved to the part of Troy, New Hampshire, later incorporated into Marlborough, New Hampshire, where he died on the 23rd of September 1827. He was the last resident of the Nelson property.

Levi’s family’s grave site