Owned today by the Guida family, this is an old Nelson house that has been more or less constantly inhabited since 1800. Many repairs have never-the-less left some of the original structure in place.  Timothy came to Packersfield with his parents John and Elizabeth Buxton in 1791 at the age of eighteen.  He married Eunice Chandler in 1800; just about a year later, Betsey was born. Four brothers and sisters followed.

About this time, he seems to have bought lot number five range five in the northwest quarter of Packersfield just west of his father’s farm. There are no extant deeds documenting the purchase, but a road was laid out “to the corner of Timothy R. Buxton’s house” on November 3, 1800. According to Struthers, Timothy was an enterprising man buying Joseph Baker’s sawmill at B-5-16 and running a potato whiskery still on his farm.  When Timothy died on his farm in 1847 at the age of 74 the farm was 240 acres in size. Eunice had died seven years earlier. Both are buried in the Munsonville Cemetery. Timothy and Eunice’s son, Eli, inherited the farm living there until he sold it to Daniel Holt in 1851. Holt sold it to Pembroke and Justus Fisher in 1855.

The Fishers were followed by Willard Page, William Wilson, Chester L Towne (1889-1913) and D. Wesley Dunton (1915-1955) before being purchased by the current owners, the Guida family.