It seems clear from the early deeds that Thomas Richardson lived in this approximate location though nothing physical remains to suggest it. He first moved to Packersfield in 1784 buying almost 200 acres from Shadrack Hill. Hill had built a new house for his family here when he sold his original place (D-3-9) to Jacob Smith in 1778.

Thomas and his wife, Ester, moved here from Attleboro, Massachusetts; he was sixty and Ester two years younger. His two sons, John and Amos moved to Packersfield about the same time. Ester died in 1795 and Thomas remarried. Ester (d. 1795), Thomas (d. 1806) and his second wife, Judith, (d. 1809) are all buried in the Village Cemetery.

In 1797 Thomas’ son, Amos bought this farm from his father. Amos and his wife, Mehitabel (Rhodes) were childless and brought Josiah V. Richardson, his brother, John’s, son to live with him and to succeed on the farm. He sold nine acres here to his cousin Asa in 1806 and moved to the new brick house on the farm at D-3-17. Amos died in 1815 and is buried in the Village Cemetery. Asa sold this place in 1812. The place was probably abandoned then.