The Taft House today

Nathan Taft was born in Westminster, Massachusetts in 1771. He married Betsy Bolton of Gardner. He bought the land here in 1799 from Thomas Packer III and built the cape that exists today. They had six children including their oldest, Nathan Taft JR (born Nelson 1805).

Nathan JR married Sarah Barstow in 1825 with whom he had three children. Sarah died in 1828 and Nathan remarried Achsah Hardy with whom he had three more children including Edward who served in the Civil War and was killed at the Battle of Williamsburg in 1862. When Nathan SR died in 1858 his son continued there until his death in 1878. He was succeeded by Christopher Eustace, an Irish prize fighter of note. He was followed by Duncan and Mary Spaeth, members of Nelson’s Pennsylvania Colony. They were succeeded by John deMartelly. The house remains in that family today.