Ebenezer Starr was born in Dedham, Massachusetts in 1744 and married (1776) Hannah Blanchard whose family owned much of the southeast quarter of Packersfield. The 700 acres of land owned by him may have been inherited by Hannah when her mother (Rebecca) died in 1774.  The Starrs lived in Dunstable, Massachusetts; all six of their children were born there. It is unlikely they ever lived here. But it is virtually certain they built a house sometime between 1776 and 1782. A record of a road layout documents the existence of the “Starr House, so called” but not any occupants. Ebenezer (1798) and Hannah (1794) died and their considerable property was divided up and sold by their heirs.

This piece was acquired by Timothy Fox of New Ipswich, who never lived here. He sold it to Thomas Reed of Westford, Massachusetts who moved here with his wife, Phoebe (Wright) Reed and their daughter, Phoebe, in about 1796. They may have moved into the old Starr house or built on its foundation. In either case, they welcomed their second child, Lucinda in June 1797 and went on to add six more. In 1832, at age sixty-four, Thomas sold the farm to his son, Thomas, born here in 1803. It seems Thomas and Phoebe continued to live here until her death in 1837. She is buried in the Village Cemetery. Thomas is buried in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Thomas and Phoebe’s daughter, Lucinda, married Jerre Scripture, son of Samuel and Mary Scripture (D-2-13) in 1818 and made a home nearby at D-2-9. Jerre died in 1838 and Lucinda married George Harrison of Nashua. Thomas seems to have moved to live with his daughter. He died there in 1841. Thomas JR moved to Massachusetts about this time and the place was abandoned.