Nathaniel Breed Jr. acquired the property and its grist mill (C-1-3) in 1782. He was the oldest child of Nathaniel and Anne Knowles Breed and came to Monadnock #6 with his parents in 1767 at the age of fourteen. The Breeds lived at D-4-7 until 1782 when Nathaniel Sr. moved to New Ipswich, New Hampshire, selling the farm.

Nathaniel Jr. married Thankful Day, the daughter of Benjamin and Martha Day, in 1776 and built the house here in about 1782 moving in with four young children. Thankful Breed died in about 1790 and Nathaniel married Elizabeth Whitcomb in 1792. The couple added five more children including their first, Paul Whitcomb Breed, born in 1793. The elder Breeds returned from New Ipswich sometime between 1790 and 1794 and came to live here with their son and his growing family. Nathaniel and Anne died in 1810 and were buried in the Village Cemetery. Nathaniel JR sold this house and the mill to his son Paul in 1815 and moved to Abijah Brown’s old house at D-5-4. Paul W. Breed lived here and operated the mill until 1822. In that year he sold the place to Jonas Child who lived here from 1822 until 1833.

Sometime later the house came into the possession of Wellington W. Seaver who lived there until his death in 1899.He was succeeded by his son, Edgar, who lived there until his death in 1978 when it was inherited by Paul Geddes. The old house fell into disrepair and was razed in 2021.

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