The Eames Place

John Estabrook of Rutland, Massachusetts bought the land here from Breed Batchellor in late 1774. He probably built the house the following year. He signed the Association Test in 1776. He sold the place to Daniel Estabrook, probably a son, in 1784. He sold it to Robert Eames from Sudbury, Massachusetts who moved here with his second wife, Sarah Adams and his daughter, Parmelia, in 1786. Sarah and Robert had three children of their own born in this house. Robert was one of two men chosen by the legislature to call the first town meeting in Roxbury and Robert was chosen moderator. The Eames lived in the hose until their deaths in 1828 (Robert) and 1834 (Sarah.) They were succeeded in the place by their son, Daniel, who sold the pace to Franklin Buckminster in 1835. He sold it to Eli Clark in 1839 and he lived there until 1851 when he sold it to William Davis. Davis owned the place until 1857 but it was occupied during 1855 and 1856 by William Cummings. It had several owners in the following years: Laban Cushing (1857-1867), Edson Beaman , Eli Clark, Joseph St. Louis and Edward Cota. It was purchased to protect the Keene water supply and taken down in about 1900.