The Bailey Place

This small house was built in 1933 on the foundation of Ebenezer Tolman’s second house in Packersfield. Ebenezer was a housewright and built three houses in the area between Tolman Pond and Nubanusit Pond when he first arrived. He built here in 1800 and lived here for five years. He was followed by Stephen Austin (1805-1810), and Oliver Wright JR (1810-1816). Jared, a cabinet maker, and Mary Pratt (daughter of David and Lydia Kimball) lived on the place with their four children from 1817 until leaving for Jaffrey in 1826. Perhaps Jared worked in Abiel Wright’s mill at the outlet of Nubanusit. They were followed by Daniel Stevens (1826-1834), John Bailey (1834-1852) Judson and Mary Blodget (1851-at least 1877). Fire destroyed the house sometime between 1877 and 1892 as it does appear on the 1877 map but not on the later one. The property passed through a number of hands before Gordon Tolman (a 5th generation descendant of Ebenezer) rebuilt on the foundation. A sixth generation was to follow with Gordon and Arvilla’s son Ethan.

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