Stephen Osborn

Stephen Osborn was born in 1771 and married Rachael Baker of Marlborough in 1792. In approximately 1799 they moved to Packersfield becoming members of the church in 1800. They first appear in the town’s tax rolls in 1808 owning a horse, two cows and an ox.

This site today consists of surface foundations for a house a barn and considerable attached structures. There is a well on the site. Osborn took formal title to the place in 1815. That is the year he probably constructed the mill at F-5-11.  In 1827 he brought his son, Cyrus who had moved to Mount Holly, Vermont, into partnership in the mill. It is likely that Cyrus moved his family into this house and that Stephen built a new home at F-5-12 the same year.

In 1838 the father-son partnership was replaced by a partnership with Stephen’s son-in-law, Nathaniel Davis, who lived on this place until the death of Stephen in 1844. Rachael herself died in 1846 and Nathaniel and Mary moved to the Davis place abandoning the earlier homestead as a primary residence. It is likely that this structure served as a substantial outbuilding for the main home perhaps into the early 20th century.

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Grave sites of Stephen, Rachel, and one of their sons, Dalphon

Osborn cellar hole

Osborn cellar hole