Born in Boxborough, Massachusetts in 1765; he married Phoebe Teachout in early 1790. The couple moved to Packersfield from Williamstown, Massachusetts in the summer of 1790. Samuel grew his family (five children born in Packersfield) and his farm (almost 300 acres in the southeastern corner of the town by 1799. He sold in 1806 and moved briefly to Canada before settling in Chazy, New York where he died in 1831.

John Cummings of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts bought the place, but never lived there. It seems likely that he hired Nathaniel Abbott to manage the farm for him. Nathaniel’s wife Phoebe Cummings Abbott was surely related to John Cummings. Two deaths determined what happened next. John Cummings died and his son, Willard, inherited the Foster Place.  Nathaniel Abbott died, in 1815 leaving Phoebe with as many as six of her twelve children still at home. Willard Cummings gave the use of the house, barns and three acres of land to Phoebe. The terms in the deed are as follows:

“Together with all the apprutenances thereto belonging… for and during her pleasure or during her natural life together with the privilege to take from my land so much wood as may be sufficient for her to burn in her house. Reserving to myself the privilege of turning in and taking out cattle at the said northeast corner of said pasture. And I hereby promise and engage whenever the said Phoebe Abbott shall quit said premises either by death or otherwise to pay to her or her heirs a fair price for all buildings or other betterments that the said Phoebe has or may make on the aforesaid premises.”

Phoebe’s daughter, Lucy Ann, married Cyrus Tolman in 1830. Phoebe’s oldest daughter, Sarah, probably lived there with her mother. Mother (age 77) and daughter (age 57) died within two months of eacother in 1843 and joined Nathaniel in the Village Cemetery. The house was abandoned then.