Samuel Eames had a twenty-year tenure here 1793- 1815. We know little about Samuel. He was the resident farmer for most of those twenty plus years but the ownership record suggests he was a tenant on the place much of the time. Though 53 acres in size, the active farm was never more than six acres in size and the livestock consisted of only a couple of cows.

Samuel bought 53 acres of Stephen Cobb’s farm on the south side of the road in 1793. For the first two years, Cobb continued to use the property to produce hay for his own use. In 1795 Samuel sold the land to Noah Norcross who probably built the house and small barn here about 1796. Eames returned, living here from 1799 to 1815. For much of that time he was the tenant of John Cummings of Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, finally buying the farm out of Cummings’ estate in 1813. Two years later he was gone. The land was added to neighboring farms. The house and barn probably fell into disuse quickly.