Orrel P. Atwood bought 12 acres here in 1853 from Nathan Taft JR. He was the 4th child of Phillip and Eunice Farwell Atwood, born in 1822. Orrel married Sarah Weston in 1848. Between 1851 and her death in 1856 the couple had for children and bult the house here. After her death Orrell married  Elvira Amanda Page in 1857. They had one child here and moved to Keene selling the place to a cousin, Charles C. Atwood.

Sewell W. Page and his wife, Nancy, moved here from Stoddard in the early 1860’s with seven children. Two more were born here. They were probably here until at least the death of Sewell in 1890. Nancy may have lived here until the arrival of Willie Guillow from Westmoreland in 1902. When Walter Hutchins married Agnes Zaide Guillow the Hutchins Family was established in Nelson.

Will Guillow-Kenzie house