Oliver Whitney was born in Needham, Massachusetts in 1744. He responded to the Lexington alarm from Natick on April 19, 1775 and served a short enlistment afterwards. He married Hanna Chase and moved to Swansea. The couple moved to Packersfield with two young children in time to have Betsey who was born here March 2, 1783. They had six more children here before selling their farm to Amos Richardson in 1793. They moved to Cavendish, Vermont.

Amos was a war veteran having served under George Washington when he crossed the Delaware to attack the British at Trenton. Amos and his wife, Mehitabel (Rhodes) were childless and brought Josiah V. Richardson, his brother, John’s, son to live with him and to succeed on the farm. This place was adjacent to his father, Thomas Richardson’s home at D-3-12. Amos built the brick house at D-3-17 in about 1806, the year his father died, and moved there with his extended family abandoning this house.