Brothers, Nehemiah and Oliver Wright grew up in Dunstable. In those days Dunstable straddled the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border where Dunstable, Massachusetts is today. Dr. Ebenezer Starr also lived there; he was the owner of some 700 acres in the southeast quarter of Packersfield. The Wrights bought 100 acres (known as the David Cook Lot) from Dr. Starr in 1782.  They built houses and shared the lot each buying adjoining pieces over the years.

Nehemiah served several enlistments in the army outside Boston including Bunker Hill.

Nehemiah married Mary Lund, also from Dunstable, whose father, Jonathan Lund, was another early pioneer in Packersfield’s southeast quarter. They married in 1784 and their first child, Polly, was born in their house in Packersfield just after Christmas that year. Eight more children followed.  They lived on the place until they died: Nehemiah in 1842 and Mary in 1846. It is not known where they are buried.

The last occupant of the place was Daniel French at the time of the Civil War.