The site of a house built in about 1783 by Joseph Abbott.  The current house on the site is a renovation of a barn on the original place. The old home stood between the current house and the well.  The original home burned sometime in the early 1950’s.

An original part of the home farm of Nathaniel Breed, ninety acres here were sold to Joseph Abbott in 1783. Joseph built a house and moved with his wife, Mary (Baker) and their four youngest children from Wilton, New Hampshire. Joseph died in 1792 leaving Mary with their three youngest daughters still at home. Son, Joshua, seems to have moved in with his small family staying until 1796 when they moved to New York State.

Jonathan Lovejoy, JR occupied the farm next from the departure of the Abbotts until he sold the place to Nathaniel Parker in 1817. Jonathan had moved to Nelson with his father and grew up at D-2-10. He married Lydia Breed in 1799; the couple had ten children here before moving to B-3-6.

Born in Rockingham, Vermont in 1791, Nathaniel Parker married Theresa Osborn, daughter of Stephen and Rachael Osborn (D-5-10) in 1824. The couple had four children here before selling to John Stone and moving to D-2-10. Ironically, they moved into Jonathan Lovejoy’s boyhood home.

Stone lived here from 1833 to 1844 when he sold to Abel Kitteridge. He was followed by Daniel Dupree. There followed a long series of owners who were not residents: Edwin P. Hunt (1868), Jonas Goodhue (1868-1874), Noah W. Hardy (1874-1889) Louis Cabot (1889 +). H.J. Bartlett appears here on the 1877 map and James Russell in 1892.

After fire destroyed the original house in the 1950’s, the barn was remodeled into a house by Carl and Ruth Lape. It is currently owned by Bill and Judy Waterston