Using the Map

While the map is largely intuitive, this key will help you get up to speed. The one quirk that can be frustrating is the sensitivity to zooming in and out, activated by mouse activity over the map. As a rule you’ll want to not scroll the mouse when you are on the map. It seems to be less sensitive to finger motion on tablets.

When this happens, simply click on the home icon, which will restore the default view. To zoom in or out with more control, use the plus and minus symbols. You can also use the bookmark feature to zoom into views of the Village and Munsonville.

The key below provides information about the various features and functions. The best way to learn about how the site works is simply to explore and click on things. No mistake will have permanent consequences.

Map Facts

The roads and cellar holes indicated on the map contain two areas which are no longer part of Nelson. In the southwest, some land in the current town of Roxbury was part of Packersfield (an earlier name for Nelson). This became part of Roxbury in 1812, therefore the information provided on the map and related documents is only prior to this time – we did not continue to track activity. The town of Harrisville was formed out of the southern part of Nelson and the northern part of Dublin. It was incorporated in 1870, making it one of the younger towns in New Hampshire. Roads and cellar holes in this area are therefore document until that time, but again, we did not track anything after that time.

Research for this project has been going on since 2002, led by Rick Church and Dave Birchenough. But it remains a work in progress, with further exploration and serendipitous revelations continuing to yield new data. Users of this site who have information that could supplement this effort can direct correspondence to Rick.