The origins of this home site are not precisely known. It seems likely that John Barrett built this house on his father, Nathaniel Barrett’s, farm at about the time of his marriage to Lucy Nichols in 1802. If so, the couple lived there from then until John abandoned his wife and six children in 1812.

Lucy led a difficult life. Lucy’s daughter, Rocksanna, died the next year (1813) at the age of two.  In the ensuing years Lucy and her five remaining children were often “bid out” at town meeting. “Bidding out” was a process whereby paupers were bid for in open meeting, and the low bidder received the amount of the bid from the town, provided room and board, and got whatever work they could from the pauper. Lucy and her children often appear on the welfare rolls — often bid for by neighbors.

In 1826 a group of neighbors bought the house and three acres of land and sold it to Lucy. It is unclear how long Lucy lived here, but the property was sold to Miron Wilson in 1855. Miron and his wife, Sarah, had one child (1858) here before moving to Sharon, NH, and eventually Worcester, Massachusetts. The place was abandoned by 1859 and the road abandoned.

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