The exact location io this house is uncertain. It seems to have been several hundred feet north of today’s Old Stoddard Road though the location can’t be identified. Joshua Felt came to Packersfield by 1778 from Lynn, Massachusetts. He marched from Lynn to the Lexington alarm in 1775. He was wounded in the thigh at Menotomy (today Arlington) by the British as they retreated from Concord and Lexington.

We have no record of his purchase, but he is mentioned as living here in a road record in 1778. His brothers, Joseph, Jonathan and Samuel arrived about the same time.  He married Hannah Stocker. They had four children who died young. The couple moved to Westmoreland in 1782.

Solomon Wardwell bought the place in 1782 and is credited by Struthers with building the house here. Perhaps he built anew in the current location closer to today’s road.  He and his wife, Bethia Holt, came here from Hollis. They had three children. They sold the place to their oldest son, Ezra, in 1798 and probably lived with him until they died. (Solomon 1825 and Bethia 1812) Ezra lived there until 1835 when he sold to Asa Robbins JR who was there until at least 1858. A person named E. Hadley appears on the 1877 map and it is believed the place burned after that. The house standing today appears to have been built on the old foundation.