Joseph Stanford was one of Monadnock #6’s earliest settlers buying 100 acres from Jonathan Blanchard in 1769 for forty schillings. By 1773 he had a log cabin built near here and seven acres of land cleared. He answered the alarm at Concord on April 20, 1775 and served outside of Boston until November of that year. Joseph was born in Sherborn, Massachusetts in 1745 and married Sarah in about 1770. It is likely that they build a new, board house on this location in about 1774. Joseph died in 1777 leaving Sally with two young children. She sold the place to Joseph Twitchell in 1780.

Joseph Twitchell was also born in Sherborn, Massachusetts and was the brother of Eleazur Twitchell (D-2-13). He moved to this house from Dublin with his wife, Mercy Holbrook, and two children. They sold to James Bryant in 1787. James and his wife, Mary Larabee, came to Packersfield with a newborn named James. They had Benjamin and Polly here. Mary may have died in childbirth with Polly. James sold the place to his son, Benjamin in 1814 and died three years later. Benjamin married Sally Barrett in 1814. They had six children including Lura, born in 1817. Benjamin died in 1830 and Sally in 1839.They are buried in the Village Cemetery.  Her estate sold the place to their son-in-law, Chauncy Barker, son of Thaddeus Barker and grandson of William. Chauncey and his wife, Lura, had eleven children. Their son, George Washington Barker bought the place in 1877. Lura (d. 1898) and Chauncey (d. 1899) are buried in the Island Cemetery in Harrisville. George and his wife, Julia Allbee, probably lived in the place until his death in 1914.