Joseph Felt JR. was part of the numerous Felt family that moved to Packersfield after the Revolution. They came from Lynn, Massachusetts. Joseph bought the property at B-4-5 from Stephen Harrington in 1816, but didn’t petition for a road to connect him to the center of town until 1822 when a bridal path was authorized and compensation for it paid to his neighbor, Robert Sheldon (B-4-1).

Joseph married Relief Woods, daughter of Relief (Briggs) and Nathaniel Woods, in 1813.They were to have nine children. “Leafy” died in 1850.  Joseph and his brother, Samuel (F-2-5), married the Woods sisters, Relief and Naomi. For Samuel it was his second wife.

Widowed in 1827, Naomi moved in with her sister. Joseph and Relief moved to Sullivan selling this property to Naomi in 1846. She probably lived here until her death in 1851.

Joseph held various offices in Sullivan and, briefly, ran a mill there. He also had business interests in Nelson purchasing the brickyard at E-3-5 in 1843 and selling that to his son Leander in 1848.  He died n Sullivan in 1871 at the age of 82.

Naomi Felt probably lived in the house until her death in 1851. It was likely abandoned then.