09: Dr and Mrs John Duncan Ernst Spaeth

Dr. and Mrs. John Duncan Ernst Spaeth

He was a leading authority on Old English literature and poetry and on Shakespeare, and she was a painter. Located on a knoll at the end of Spaeth Road, their home here was purchased in 1902 as a wedding pres­ent by the bride’s parents.[48] The Spaeths called their new home Windy Brow because of the strong winds that continually blow across the open landscape. Like the barns of Olivia Rodham and Henry Rolfe, the barn on the property was converted into living quarters by Marie Spaeth, creating ample room for family and guests. The property is now owned by the Spaeths’ granddaughter and her husband, Taya de Martelly and Eric Nelson. Dr. Spaeth and Marie Spaeth were also grandparents to Michael de Martelly and Johanne (Joey) de Martelly.

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