John seems to have built the house here in about 1808 and stayed until 1816. Whitcomb French owned it for two years before selling it to Reuben Tarbox, brother of Ebenezer (B-5-5).

Reuben, a blacksmith from Stoddard, moved here with his wife, Lucy (Blodget) and their son, Stearns, aged eleven. The couple lived here until they died (Reuben, 1835 and Lucy 1843.) They are buried in the Munsonville Cemetery. Stearns succeeded them.

Stearns (also Sieaim) married Nancy Smith of Stoddard in 1831. The couple lost their first child, Lucy, at age one and went on to have several more before moving to Marlborough, New Hampshire about 1850.

Stearns was succeeded by his nephew, Warren Tarbox and his wife, Ursula. Warren died in 1862 and his wife probably continued here into her later years. She died in 1903 at the age of eighty-eight. The 1892 map shows the house, but without a resident’s name. It was probably uninhabited after 1900.