John Chamberlin: This is a small, well preserved cellar hole on Abijah Brown’s original farm. In 1800 John Chamberlin of Weston, Vermont married Abigail Brown. Abijah sold the half of his farm north and west of Old Stoddard Road to his son-in-law in 1801 and John built the house here. The price was $1300 and Abijah advanced the whole amount in the form of a mortgage. John and Abigail’s daughter, Sophia, was born in Nelson in this house in 1802. The family moved to Hallowell, Maine in time for the birth of their second child, on December 30, 1803. John sold the farm back to his father-in-law in 1806.  It is likely that it was occupied by Abijah and Deliverance’s son, Daniel. Daniel inherited his father’s farm on that man’s death in 1809. He was twenty-three. Sometime afterward he married Lucy Wheeler, but died in 1814 leaving her pregnant with their only child. All we know of Lucy is that she gave birth to a son named Daniel and died in Jefferson, New Hampshire many years later. Abijah’s son Thomas inherited the farm and sold it immediately to Nathaniel Breed III. Breed lived here until 1833 when he sold to Jonah Osgood and moved to Alstead. The house was probably abandoned then.