The history of this site is somewhat difficult to determine. It is identified in A History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire as a “barn on the Buxton Farm.” The foundation is clearly that of a house with a well and a chimney base. There is a barn foundation about 200 feet to the south at B-5-7.

The builder appears to be John Buxton Jr.

John Buxton Jr. himself is a bit of a mystery.  The Buxton family originated in Reading, Massachusetts. John Sr. was born there in 1734, and moved to Wilton, New Hampshire before coming to the Packersfield in about 1791. They were among the first settlers of what became known as Munsonville.  Genealogical resources, Family Source, Ancestry and Parke Struthers, agree that he had a son named Timothy Russell Buxton who came with him and that he died in Packersfield in 1821. There is no record of his burial here. There is no mention of a John Jr. except for a deed transferring property from John Buxton Jr. to John Buxton in 1808 and John Buxton appears in the 1800 US Census of Packersfield with no one in the household over the age of 45 (so it couldn’t be John Sr. who would have been over sixty.) Though there is no other evidence, it seems likely that John Buxton Jr. was Timothy’s brother.

John Buxton Jr. bought the property here from Isaiah Kidder, a land investor land from New Ipswich. He purchased it in 1797 from the estate of Thomas Packer family. It is unlikely that there was a house there before 1797 or that Kidder built one. John Buxton Jr. sold the place lot to Timothy Russel Buxton in 1816.