The existence of this cellar hole was only discovered because the town laid out a road to his house in 1780.  The record reads as follows:

The bounds of a road leading from the corner of the road near Captain Twitchell’s unto Dublin line.  Beginning at a stake and heap of stones thence running southerly as near where the road is now trod as the ground will conveniently admit of unto a dead birch standing in or near the north side of the second brook on said way thence as straight as the ground will admit of unto a beech tree near the now trod road thence to a maple tree turning southerly and westerly up the hill to a maple tree thence turning again southerly and easterly as straight as the ground will admit of unto a stake and heap of stones on the east side of Jeremiah Barrett’s well thence again turning to the south and west upon the east side of Lt. Joel Wright’s [west] line until it comes to Dublin line.

The cellar hole is small. The well mentioned in the description above is easy to find. There is no trace of the road from here to road #34 or that from the well to the Dublin line. The place may only have been occupied for a few years.

We know little about Jeremiah Barrett. He arrived in Packersfield from Ashburnham, Massachusetts and built the house at E-4-5 in 1775 before moving here in 1778. We know from his deed when he sold this property that he was a bricklayer and that he moved from here to Dublin before 1790.