David Kimball

Probably built by James Kimball in 1787 when is family and that of his brother, David, grew too large to live in David’s house at C-3-16 and James built a cabin here. In 1799 they bought half of David Kimball’s 100-acre lot with the original house (C-3-16) and this place.  James and Hannah Kimball moved in with at least four children. Hannah died three weeks after the birth of their fourth child and James married, Bridgit Bragg, and had five more children. In 1807 they sold the place to Jonas Child and moved to E-4-4.

Jonas lived at C-3-16 with his wife, Susan, and their young children. They, likely, made a home here for Jonas’ widowed sister-in-law, Naomi Child, and her two children. In 1815 Jonas divided the property, selling this house and four acres to Billy Wright. Naomi probably moved into C-3-16 with Jonas and his family. Billy Wright added a few acres to the place.  In 1825 he sold it to Ephraim Fletcher, son of Samuel Fletcher. On his death it was acquired by Noah W. Hardy who added it to his substantial holdings. It was probably abandoned then.