Timothy Bancroft of Barnstable, Massachusetts bought the Right of Benjamin French (400 acres) in the southeast quarter of Monadnock #6 early. He sold 100 acres here in 1770 to his son, James. James acquired the balance of the French Right after his father’s death in 1780. Soon thereafter James bult a board house here as early as 1771. By the settlement survey of 1773 he had 20 acres cleared and 14 more cut over. He and his wife, Lucy Whitney had nine children here. James saw service in the evolution and serves on the Committee of Safety that arrested Breed Batchellor. He and his wife were charter members of the church.

James sold the place to his brother, Timothy, in 1791 and moved to Montpelier, Vermont. Timothy owned the house from 1791 to 1825 when he sold it to his youngest son, Joel. Joel lived there until sometime after 1858. The house does not appear on the 1877 map of Nelson.