Samuel Wadsworth identified this as the approximate location of the home of early settler, Henry Bemis. There is a 24 x 28’ cellar hole with a collapsed stone chimney on this location. Henry Bemis was one of the settlers recruited by Breed Batchellor from his wife’s hometown of Rutland, Massachusetts. He bought 85 acres of land from Batchellor, cleared 3 acres of land and built a pole house by the time of the 1773 settlement surveys. He married Susanna (Nurse) daughter of Benjamin and Martha Nurse (also Nurs) who lived nearby at B-2-9. He was elected a town officer at the first meeting held in Packersfield March 15, 1773. Henry and Susanna seem to have lived here from 1773 until about 1784. They had at least one child (Zenus born in 1779) here. They left Packersfield for Charlestown, New Hampshire and eventually settled in Littleton.