Ezra Sheldon bought the 250-acre Goodenow Farm in 1807 after Abraham Goodenow died. The purchase did not include the sawmill at E-3-8. This was Ezra’s “new house.”  His original house was at E-3-2. By 1807 Ezra and Sarah (Day) Sheldon needed a larger house; the couple had nine children ages two to twenty. They were to have three more. Ezra died in 1826 and his wife, Sarah, likely lived here until her death in 1850. Ezra and Sarah are buried in the Village Cemetery.

The farm was inherited by their son, Charles, who was probably the first Sheldon born in the “new house” on December 26, 1807. Charles married Sally Felt in 1829. They lived here until 1870 when they moved to Harrisville.

Brothers, Henry and Charles Stevens purchased it in 1873 with Henry buying out his brother in 1889 and continuing to his death in 1895. In about 1910 it was acquired by the Reverend George Cady and his wife, Florence. The Cady’s were from the mid-west and probably acquired the place as a summer home while serving in a church in Boston. The home passed to their daughter Florence and her husband Donald Simmonds. It has been owned by Mary and Michael Cornog since 1978.