Eleazur Hawthorn

The remnants of this modest home are difficult to find today. The old road that connects it is used as a wood road today and that traffic has compromised the foundation of the building. Little is known about the occupants except what can be found in their deeds and in town records. Hawthorn’s initial farm was 40 acres in size and purchased in 1798. Over the years of his ownership he added and sold small pieces. The farm was 66 acres at its largest. Eleazur’s name appears frequently in the Nelson Town Records because he bid for the care of a “non compus” boy named Epaphras Newton beginning in 1808. The boy lived with him until 1814 when Hawthorn seems to have gotten into a legal dispute with the town concerning the boy. Perhaps as a consequence. Hawthorn sold the farm in 1814 to William White who kept custody of the boy until he, too, sold the place in 1816. The farmhouse was abandoned at that time.