David Kimball sold his original house (C-3-16) and half of the farm to his brother, James, in 1799 when he built this house.*  David and Lydia lived here until  until their deaths (1842 and 1847). In 1817 their daughter, Mary, married Jared Pratt of Jaffrey. The young couple bought the house at E-3-7  where they lived before moving to Jaffrey in 1826.  After Lydia’s death, the farm passed to her grandson, Edward, the last Kimball descendant born there. He sold it to his younger brother and it passed out of the family in the 1850’s becoming part of Noah W. Hardy’s farm.  In 1868 Adams Robbins and his wife Hannah bought the farm and lived there until her death in 1876. John Kennedy bought it followed in ownership by Ellen Houghton and her daughter, Hellen, Margaret Thorne and Paul Klemperer.

 *Carrie Hardy Struthers writes that David and Mary’s son-in-law, Jared Pratt, a carpenter, built the house. This is unlikely because the original farm was divided and half sold to James Kimball with both houses then on the place in 1799.  David and Lydia retained the half of the original lot which is the site of this house. Jared and Mary were married in 1817.