Daniel French was born in Bedford, NH in 1797 and married Polly Riddle in 1820. The couple had five children including Silas and Edward. In 1841 Daniel was called to be the minister of the Nelson Church. He bought 26 acres of land “just south of the burying ground” from Oliver Stone who had a cobbler business right next to the old common. Daniel probably built the house there shortly afterwards. In 1852 he sold he place to his son, Silas, and moved to Hudson, NH.

Silas French was born in Bedford, NH in 1828 and moved with his parents to Nelson. Silas met and married (1847) a local girl. Sarah Griffin was the granddaughter of Samuel Griffin and the daughter of Nathan and Sally (Wright) Griffin.  The couple had two children. Silas and his younger brother were apparently wealthy and enterprising. They invested in plumbago mining rights, leasing land from Gad Newell for the purpose, and bought the gristmill owned by Asa Wilson. All this came to an end when Silas died in 1857. Sarah French stayed on in the house and raised her children there. She remarried Zenas Sherwin in 1874. She was forty-five and her husband was a fifty-yar old Batchellor from Bennington, Vermont.  The couple moved to Wisconsin taking her children, ages seventeen and twenty, with her.

In 1939 the place came into the possession of D. Page Wheelwright. It remained in his family (the Iselin’s) for three generations. It was recently purchased by Keenan and Patricia Blanchard.