Benjamin Pierce

B-4-13 Many Packersfield settlers struggled and failed. Benjamin Pierce moved here from Gardner, Massachusetts with his wife, Azubah (Richardson), and their three-year-old son, Benjamin. It was 1794; Benjamin was 26 and Azubah, 22. They bought 100 acres of land from the Packer family in 1797, but probably built the home here the year they arrived.

Music and Dance in the Nelson Town Hall: The Myth, the Magic the Truth

What's behind the legendary status of the Nelson Town Hall? This video is from a Zoom presentation made for the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library, on December 19, 2020. Lisa Sieverts (dance caller) and Gordon Peery (piano player), both long-time participants in Nelson contra dances, have unearthed some charming nuggets of local history. Look to [...]

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