Banister Maynard

Bannister Maynard moved to Packersfield from Templeton, Massachusetts in 1785 following his service in the American Revolution.  He brought with him his new bride, Hannah (Fletcher) who he had married earlier that same year. Their daughters Ruth and Eunice were born here in Nelson, Ruth in late 1785 and Eunice in 1794.  They settled on land near Center Pond and began their farm.

Banister increased the size of his farm substantially before selling it to George Dodge in 1809 and returning to Templeton where he died in 1827.  (Memorial# 149663758).  Dodge farmed here until 1837.

NOTE: For more about Banister’s military career, see the pamphlet “Celebration by the town of Nelson”.

Thomas J. Baker succeeded George Dodge in 1837 and stayed for ten years.

Cyrus Osborn moved onto the farm from F-5-10 in 1847. In 1847 he moved to New Ipswich, New Hampshire and transferred it to his son, Dalphon Osborn, who lived there until his death in 1855. His wife probably succeeded him.