Aaron Beal

Aaron Beal (also Beel) was an early settler and blacksmith by trade who purchased about 200 acres of land east of Pleasant Pond (now called Silver Lake) in 1769. By the time of the Settlement Survey in early 1774 he had 27 acres cleared, a log cabin and his family was in residence. The site of the cabin is unknown, but was probably at D-2-1.

As soon as there was a sawmill nearby, Beal built a frame house to replace the cabin. The first road layout in Packersfield (December 1773) describes the road as “running between said Aaron Beel’s house and barn.” Beal died there August 22, 1819 selling the place on his deathbed to Francis Thompson.

NOTE: For more about Aaron Beal, read page 49 of “Celebration by the town of Nelson”.

Thompson was there a year before selling to Robert Farwell. He sold to James Derby who was there 1823-1824 before William Seaver bought it. William Seaver lived here for 23 years (1824-1847) and was followed by James Chase who owned it until at least 1860.