On January 23 Lindy Black gave a Zoom presentation for the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library about Merriconn, a farm and family retreat established by her father, Parke Struthers in 1932.

Parke was the author of Nelson’s most prominent history book. His family connections in Nelson, through the Hardy’s, go back to 1779 – they were among the first settlers. Parke taught at Syracuse University, but as you will see, managed to spend quite a bit of time in Nelson.

In addition to spending many childhood hours at Merriconn, Lindy later (with her husband Al) build “Lyndale” – a home nearby, where they lived during the 1980’s. During that time Lindy served as the minister of the Nelson Congregational Church.

Lindy tells a great story, with photographs of Merriconn taken over many years.