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There is a small foundation and associated paddocks at this location. An extensive and well cultivated collection of fields surround the home site and well-constructed road connects it to the main road. Samuel Wadsworth was told of this location, but never found it. He attributes it to Joshua Lawrence in about 1810.

Indeed, Joshua Lawrence, JR. bought seventy-five acres here in 1806 from Gideon Phillips. There is no evidence in the deeds or on the site that Phillips built here during his ownership (1805-1806.) He added eleven acres more in 1810. Joshua was born in Keene in 1781 and moved to A-2-15 with his parents, Joshua and Ruth in 1782. He purchased this property in 1806 and, the next year, married Mary Osgood and began his family. They built the farm and raised six children before selling to LePrilete Newcomb in 1819. The Lawrences eventually moved to his boyhood home, A-2-15.

LePrilete was born in Norton, Massachusetts in 1791 and married Susan Harris in 1821. She joined him on the farm. The couple had ten children. They seem to have lived here until 1836 when they sold the place to neighbor, Solomon Kingsbury and moved into the Charles Rice house just to the south at A-2-12. The house here was abandoned then.