School History Programs

School History Programs 2017-08-18T14:07:34+00:00

Throughout the Nelson Sestercentennial, and beyond, there will be programs for Nelson School students relating to Nelson’s History. While these programs are not open to the general public, we think people will want to know about them.

Thursday, November 9

New Hampshire Folksinger Jeff Warner

The day before his Nelson Town Hall Concert, folksinger Jeff Warner will do a special program for kids at the Nelson School.

Jeff teaches American history and culture through traditional songs, stories, children’s games, step dancing (clogging) and the exploration of local history and family folklore.

He familiarizes children with a variety of traditional folk instruments, including banjo, concertina, guitar and accessible “pocket” instruments, such as spoons, bones and Jew’s harp.

He helps students understand the lives of ordinary working Americans throughout our history as a nation.

And they have fun singing together.

Jeff is a resident of New Hampshire, and brings specialized knowledge of regional folk music to his program.