Mills and Mining

Sestercentennial Medallions

Celebration Medallions These medallions depicting the Old Brick Schoolhouse in Nelson Village (now our town offices) are available in four colors: blue, green, amber and amethyst, and they are made from recycled glass using centuries old techniques – giving each piece an odd character not found in machine work. They are made by Chris Salmon [...]

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A Sense of Nelson/Munsonville with George Washington Holt

George Washington Holt wrote a journal which provides detailed, but brief, accounts of his daily activities. His life probably typified the lives of many who grew most of their own food raised in small gardens, kept a few animals, bartered time for time or for goods and worked for several individuals or one of several manufacturing operations of the time for wages.

The Cotton Factory in Munsonville

The solid stone walls of the foundation of the large mill built in Munsonville are all that remain of this early industrial site at the outlet of Granite Lake. In 1814, Asa Beard built the Cotton Factory and a boardinghouse for mill workers in what was then a remote section of Nelson to take advantage of the waterpower provided by the dammed up Factory Lake.